Is it Safe to Re-Align the Pole Pieces on my Staggered Pickups?

I would not recommend this either because on most single coil pickups with staggered bobbins, the pickups are fabricated with rod magnets, vulcanized fibre flatwork and are friction fit together. Once the bobbins are assembled the coil is wound directly in contact with the rod magnets. Often rod magnets have small casting pits in which the magnet wire can settle when winding. If you try to rearrange the pole height, considerable damage could occur to the inner windings of the coil. Breaking just one turn of a coil will make it useless and rewinding will have to be done to restore it back to original condition. I would suggest if you desire a specific pole height contact one of the many pickup builders and ask them if they could make it for you. I'm sure they will be happy to do so.


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