Why should I choose Seymour Duncan Guitar or Bass Pickups?

First and foremost is tone. We have spent years researching and developing guitar pickups that sound great. At Seymour Duncan the goal has never been about how to make pickups faster or cheaper, but how better sounding pickups can be made. Nothing but the highest quality materials and, in some cases, vintage correct components are used. When you are buying Seymour Duncan pickups you are buying great tone.

Second is customer service. The Seymour Duncan Company is highly dedicated to its customers and their tonal needs. The twenty-one day "no questions asked" return policy, which is available in the U.S. and select countries guarantees that you find the perfect pickup for your guitar, even if it isn't on your first try! Not only that but the Seymour Duncan website provides a large amount of information, including products pages, sound bytes, a tone chart, the Tone Wizard, an extensive artist database, this FAQs section and, last but not least, the Seymour Duncan User Group Forum. This all adds up to a guarantee that you get the right pickup for your style and tone.

For these reasons and many more it's easy to see why so many players worldwide choose Seymour Duncan.


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