What are Some of the Things that Can Cause a Pickup to Fail?

  1. Long time use and abuse and the pickups wear out.
  2. Careless removal of pickups and using improper tools.
  3. Moisture and humidity that can cause the parts to rust or oxidize.
  4. The strings to get snagged into the coil or bobbin by picking hard.
  5. Removing or replacing covers with ones that don't fit properly.
  6. Using unsuitable replacement parts.
  7. Damage to pickups when they are installed improperly.
  8. Cold solder joints.
  9. Glues and adhesives that can oxidize and break the magnet wire.
  10. Epoxies used for potting pickups can shrink and break the inner wires.
  11. Magnets can get degaussed or demagnetized or put in wrong.
  12. Removing pickups or pickguards from an instrument before removing the strings.

WRITTEN ON JUNE 12, 2015, BY sltwtr

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