How Many Parts Make Up Various Gibson Pickups?

Here is a brief list of the parts that make up a few models of pickups.

Gibson Humbucker: Traditional

  • Bottom plate is used to support all the components of the pickup.
  • Adjustable bobbin is the screw side.
  • Non-adjustable bobbin is the stud side.
  • Bar magnet of a desired material for specific pickup model.
  • 6 adjustable pole pieces used in the adjustable bobbin for minor string balance.
  • 6 studs used in the non-adjustable bobbin.
  • Metal spacer to conduct magnetic field to adjustable pole pieces.
  • Cover is used for maximum shielding and bobbin protection.
  • Hookup wire connected to the fine magnet wire to give better connections.
  • Tape is used to protect the coils and secure hookup wires.
  • Magnet wire of various sizes for particular sound and output desired.
  • Shielded or 4-conductor cable that connects to the controls.
  • 4 screws to hold bobbins secure to the bottom plate.
  • Wood or plastic shim to keep the bobbins level.

Gibson P-90: Commonly called a “Soapbar” pickup

  • 6 adjustable pole pieces for minor string balance.
  • Bobbin that is wound as a single coil.
  • 2 Bar magnets with like polarities facing each other.
  • Bottom plate to hold components secure. Can be “soapbar or dog-ear”
  • 2 wood screws to hold magnets and bobbin secure.
  • Metal spacer to conduct magnetic field to adjustable pole pieces.
  • Hookup wire to connected to the fine magnet wire from the coil.
  • Tape to protect the coil and secure the hookup wires.
  • Plastic or metal cover to protect the fragile bobbin from abuse or wear.
  • Shielded hookup wire connected to a solder lug on the bottom side of pickup.
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