HyperSwitch FAQs


Q: What is HyperSwitch?

A: HyperSwitch is an analog 5-way blade switch that offers digital control over the coils of the pickups in your guitar. Pairing HyperSwitch to the HyperSwitch app via Bluetooth allows you to configure and save different combinations of pickup coils, as well as coil splits and reverse phase wiring.  Experiment with an exponentially greater number of tonal combinations than any standard 5-way or 3-way blade switch.


Q: What types of pickups can be used with HyperSwitch?

A: Most passive pickups can be used with HyperSwitch, though we recommend 4 conductor humbuckers, or single coil sized humbuckers for maximum tone options. Single coils and Stacks can also be used. Single conductor humbuckers will have some limitations with HyperSwitch.

HyperSwitch is not designed to work with active pickups.


Q: Will HyperSwitch work with other manufacturers pickups?

A: Yes. Be aware that wire color codes differ among pickup manufacturers. We recommend checking This Chart to see the translation between Seymour Duncan pickups and other popular brands. If your brand isn't listed, you may want to contact them. You'll want to know the colors of the North start, North finish, South finish, South start and shield wires.


Q: Will HyperSwitch fit in my guitar?

A: HyperSwitch is designed to replace 5-way and 3-way blade switches as found in many S-type guitars.

It does take up a bit more space than a standard 5-way or 3-way blade switch, so we do recommend that you check the dimensions HERE to make sure it will fit in your particular guitar.

You will also need room to accommodate a 9 volt battery which powers the HyperSwitch.


Q: Is there a HyperSwitch for my LP style guitar with a toggle switch?

A: We do not currently have a HyperSwitch available to replace a 3-way toggle switch.


Q: What if I have further questions about HyperSwitch?

A: Please contact our Customer Service via email at support@seymourduncan.com or via phone between the hours of 8am-5pm Pacific Time Monday-Friday 805-716-.6747



Q: Do I need to know how to solder to install HyperSwitch?

A: All pickup lead wires, volume control, and tone control connections are made to HyperSwitch using screw terminals. You might need to solder one ground wire to the back of your pots or other ground point on the guitar, which will need to be connected to the ground terminal screw connection on HyperSwitch.

Check out the HyperSwitch Install Guide to see how simple it is to wire up your guitar with HyperSwitch.


Q: Is there an install guide for HyperSwitch?

A: Please check out our HyperSwitch Support and Resources Page for video installation and quick start guides, as well downloadable guides for HyperSwitch installation, HyperSwitch App, and basic wiring diagrams.


Q: I've installed everything according to the diagram and my HyperSwitch doesn't seem to be working right. Can I contact someone at Seymour Duncan to help me?

A: YES!  Please contact our Customer Service via email at support@seymourduncan.com or via phone between the hours of 8am-5pm Pacific Time Monday-Friday 805-716-.6747

Connection and Set Up

Q: How do I connect HyperSwitch to the app?

A: Move the switch quickly back and forth through all 5 positions 4-6 times to turn on the Bluetooth radio. Press "connect" to pair HyperSwitch with the app.


Q: Why am I not getting any sound?

A: You may not get sound for several reasons:

  • If the HyperSwitch equipped guitar has not been in use, HyperSwitch will go into "Sleep" mode to conserve power. Movin the switch one switch position will "wake up" the switch and you should get signal.
  • HyperSwitch needs a trickle of power. If the battery is dead, you will get no sound (like you wouldn't get sound if you had an active pickup or active preamp on board). Try replacing the battery.
  • The battery clip wires might not be in the correct terminals or may not be fully connected to the terminals on HyperSwitch. Check to make sure red is in the "9v" terminal and black is in the terminal marked "Gnd".
  • Make sure the connection from the "Output" terminal of HyperSwitch is secure and connected to your volume control.

Q: How do I change the pickup type?

A; In the Device Settings menu select Pickup Settings. Use the dropdown to select your pickup type. You can also restart the setup tutorial to walk you through the setup process.


Q: My switch position 1 is in the neck position. How do I reverse the switch direction?

A: In the menu, select switch reverse to re-orient position 5 to position 1 and the corresponding settings associated with each.


Q: What is sleep mode?

A: After 3 hours of inactivity, the HyperSwitch will enter sleep mode. This will turn the switch off and no audio will pass through. To wake the switch move the HyperSwitch one position. Each time the HyperSwitch is moved it will reset the sleep timer. You can change the sleep time under the settings menu.


Q: Will my guitar work if I'm not connected to the Hyperswitch app?

A: Yes. The Hyperswitch functions like a normal switch when not paired with the app. It will function according to the last loaded preset.


Q: What do the tone knobs do?

A: The control has 3 tone options: 1. tone bypassed, 2. using the guitar's capacitor value, or 3. a .027 uf capacitor is wired in series to give a different taper to your stock tone control. If you have a .047 uf capacitor as stock on your tone control, this setting will change the tone control to .017 uf, and will keep more treble in while rolling down the tone control.


Q: How do I revert to factory default?

A: Select Factory Default in the Device Settings menu. This will erase current configurations and saved presets and return the HyperSwitch to factory settings. Factory default settings are standard stratocaster single coil wiring. 




Q: What is the difference between save preset and save?

A: The save button saves each individual switch position and stores the selections into the hyperswitch. Save preset is used to store all 5 switch positions into one preset for later recall.


Q: How do I save a preset?

A: Tap on "Save Preset"

Enter a name for your new preset and press "Submit"

Your preset will now be available to load at a later time from the "Load Preset" list.


Q: How do I load a stored preset?

A: In the Presets menu select Load Preset. Select the desired preset and it will be loaded on the switch immediately.

Note: If you use the app with different guitars that are HyperSwitch equipped, and those guitars have different pickup configurations, like Humbucker-Humbucker, HSS, single coils, etc, that only the presets that apply to the HyperSwitch you are currently pairing with will be highlighted and be available to load.



Q: How long does my battery last?

A: With normal operation, the battery should last up to 5000 hours. Up to10,000 hours with a lithium battery.


Q: How do I conserve my battery?

A: There are two main ways to conserve the battery. Use the Sleep Timer to disable the switch after the time selected. The default timer is 3 hours. The Bluetooth Timeout feature will keep the switch activated, however, the Bluetooth signal will disconnect after the selected timeframe. Your guitar will still function as normal without a Bluetooth connection. You can manually turn off the Bluetooth by selecting disconnect in the app menu.


Q: Will I still get sound when my battery dies?

A: The HyperSwitch will not work without power. Make sure to regularly pair with the app to check the  battery indicator.


Q: My guitar isn't connecting but I think I have plenty of battery life. What gives?

A: When the HyperSwitch battery dips below 60% you won't be able to use the Bluetooth connection. Your switch will still function based on the last saved settings. To reconnect, replace the battery.


For other questions concerning HyperSwitch and the HyperSwitch app, please contact our Customer Service via email at support@seymourduncan.com or via phone between the hours of 8am-5pm Pacific Time Monday-Friday 805-716-.6747


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