What are Gibson Melody Maker Pickups?

I have always liked these pickups. They are a single coil pickup with a Alnico bar magnet down the center of the bobbin. I have wound them using between 9,600 & 10,000 turns of 42 AWG plain enamel magnet wire. The Melody Maker bobbin is make of nylon and the Alnico bar magnet slips into the center of the bobbin. The wound bobbin has the magnet inserted into the bobbin which fits into a solid top cover (no exposed pole pieces) that's attached to the pickguard.

For a hotter sound I've wound Melody Maker pickups with 12,000 turns of 43 AWG magnet wire and remagnetizing or replacing the magnet with a stronger one. I've cut ceramic magnet which will give the pickup a stronger magnetic field to the strings and helps increase the output of the pickup.

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WRITTEN ON JUNE 12, 2015, BY sltwtr

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